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Consultancy Services

When many businesses start up, almost immediately the proprietors’ or directors’ time is swallowed up with everything and anything – except their accounting records and systems.

If this  trend carries on, it isn’t long before they are out of touch with the vital figures that underpin their businesses.

For all they know they could be just “busy fools” making good turnover but little or no profit.

Banks always need information regularly and this should be available to them if they ask. If there is a passage of time before the information is presented or it is in non recognisable format then this could raise issues or set alarm bells ringing over your business.

We realise that this is and can be a serious issue and are able to offer consultancy time to our clients or indeed non clients with the main goal of improving matters. Would you benefit from :

  • An experienced consultant with excellent skills and experience who can recognise and correct problems?
  • Better book keeping?
  • Introducing new systems which will take the headache out of financial reporting?
  • Up to date management reports and job costing?
  • Regular business healthchecks?

Please realise that fees for this kind of service often pay for themselves and should be seen as an investment – not a cost.

An example of this happened some time ago with one of our clients who owned and ran  several beauty salons. We were asked to assist and found that one of the salons was losing money – a lot of money!

The previous accountant had lumped all the salons together, which then covered up the true problem.

Following our involvement, we advised her to close this salon and concentrate on the others.

This she did and the business turned round almost immediately.

Contact us to see how we can help your business.